We Will Build a New Compass: Magic Moments of Seeding More Just Worlds

We Will Build a New Compass: Magic Moments of Seeding More Just Worlds

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    ISBN 9781954780279
    314 pages
    6 x 9 inches
    Publisher: Chiara Francesca Galimberti
    Published: 8/08/2022

We Will Build a New Compass: Magic Moments of Seeding More Just Worlds is a story of breaking intergenerational cycles of violence and imagining more liberated futures.

It connects the experiences of teen parenthood, disability, queerness, and immigration to larger patterns of oppression and resistance. It also looks for possibilities beyond trauma and explores ways of developing tools for healing and creating collective strategies for structural change.

At a time of seemingly endless ways for oppressive forces to regroup and reinvent, We Will Build a New Compass suggests that a way forward might be less about looking for utopia or for a single solution to sweep away unjust systems, and more about recognizing, appreciating, and harnessing moments of personal and collective transformation, be it a successful strike for better working conditions, a blossoming neighborhood mutual aid effort, or an interpersonal conflict being handled with grace and integrity within social justice movements. 

The book is centered on the premise that liberation as a process is closely tied to addressing harm and its lasting consequences as much as it is about imagining, creating, and implementing more just systems at an individual, group, and societal level.

All proceeds from the first printing are going to the Chicago Torture Justice Center, ChiResists, and Freedom Fighter Herbs.

Chiara Francesca Galimberti is a queer disabled artist, writer, organizer, acupuncturist, former teen mother, first-gen college grad, and Italian immigrant to the occupied Indigenous territories currently known as the United States. Chiara has been involved in movements for justice for over two decades, with a focus on gender violence prevention, healing justice, and politicized artmaking. They have written and spoken on a wide variety of topics including disability justice, accessible healthcare, and using art as a tool for structural change.

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