Oh Mae!

Oh Mae!

  • Illlustrator: Lynn Eberenz
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    ISBN 9780578836218
    52 pages
    8.5 x 11 inches
    Publisher: Marin Resnick
    Published: 12/03/2021

Dogs are the best of friends, and Mae was no exception! From the day Mae met her human, Marie, at the pound, she knew they would be the best of friends.

Marie did too!

From riding in the car, to finding Marie in the grocery store, and jumping up on the Christmas table to eat the turkey, Mae filled Marie's life with fun time.

For Marie, Mae filled her life with love. From licking her little human sister Ruth, in her bassinet, to breaking out of the car to find them in the grocery store, Mae was always there with love and laughter for Marie.

Join Mae and Marie on their journey of friendship, laughter and love in this heartwarming book.

Oh Mae! was a winner of the Purple Dragonfly Award, was even loved by President Donald J. Trump!


About the Author

Marin Resnick is a mom, author, and animal lover. She was inspired to create Onxy Dog Enterprises (ODE) because her daughter, who has dyslexia, couldn't read any of the contemporary children's picture books on the market. Because of this, each one of ODE's picture books are filled with sight words, easy to read sentence structure, fun, vivid visuals and wholesome messages such as finding courage in difficult situations and fun times with friends, both two and four legged.

When not writing, Marin enjoys the urban country lifestyle of Huntderon County, New Jersey where she lives with her family, four dogs, nine chickens, two cats and Apollo the horse.

Marin can be found on Instagram @MarinLovesBooks.