Lead, Pass, or Get Out of the Way

Lead, Pass, or Get Out of the Way

How the Son of Immigrants Was Able to live the American Dream

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    ISBN 9781638215882
    168 pages
    5.5 x 8.5 inches
    Publisher: Patty Frank
    Published: 05/31/2022

In a unique and exciting memoir, Dr. Peter Frank shares tales and wisdom gleaned from a life lived at top speed.

"If someone were to ask me what life is made of, I think I would mention three things: time (as Benjamin Franklin pointed out), challenges, and family. If you reflect on my story, you will note that these three threads run throughout, intertwining, separating, and intertwining again. We are given a finite amount of time to live, and it will be filled with challenges, I guarantee, but it is how you rise to meet those challenges, assisted by your loved ones, that will determine your life's trajectory and success.

Racing, to me, is a metaphor for life. You have a finite amount of time to complete a race, it will be filled with challenges, some of them seemingly overwhelming, some of them potentially fatal, and you must reach down and grab everything within you to go for the win. And you can never do it alone."

—From the Afterword

About the Author

Dr. Peter Frank, D.O. served in the US Medical Corps in Vietnam and later divided his time between his family practice and racing cars and motorcycles. Until his passing, Dr. Frank and his wife, Patty, spent their time catching blue crabs, motorcycling, maintaining their collection of cars and motorcycles, and spending time with their son, AJ, and his wife, Allison, and doting on Brenna, the world's greatest granddaughter.