INDUSTRIAL Photographs by Robert Colgan

INDUSTRIAL Photographs by Robert Colgan

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    ISBN 9798985875126
    134 pages
    12 x 12 inches
    Publisher: Robert Colgan Photography
    Published: 9/1/23

First book in a trilogy of location work photographed by Robert Colgan, "Industrial" is a collection of figurative photos over a 40 year period featuring industrial landscapes in which men worked and built the US. The nude male is utilized symbolically to demonstrate the loss and fragility of our ever-changing modern world. Future books will bring the domestic environments and nature into play. Foreword by artist, Michael J. Rosen

About the Author

Robert is a photographic artist hailing from Ohio. He has a Fine Arts degree from The Ohio State University and has exhibited throughout the Midwest and Mexico. Since growing up in Louisiana, he has had an interest in architecture and history. These two themes come into play in much of his work centering around the male figure in abandoned spaces. As a gay artist, he has been influenced by the likes of Duane Michals, Arthur Tress and Symbolist painters.

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