A Window Into the Attic

A Window Into the Attic

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    ISBN 9780578350462
    332 pages
    5.5 x 8.5 inches
    Publisher: Kanabec County Historical Society.
    Published: 05/23/2022

The history of a small Midwestern town -- the lumberjack river town of Mora in east-central Minnesota, for example -- is like a large, imposing, weathered house. Look up at the small attic window tucked beneath the eaves. Imagine opening that window. You might find a rack of clothes: crinoline, perhaps, or a bonnet, maybe a Civil War uniform. You might find stacks of newspapers, yellowed and mice-nibbled now, but immediate in their day. Perhaps a wedding is described in those pages, or an election, or a suicide. Not as history, but as something that had happened that very week.

You might find ghosts.

About the Author

Paul Kilgore is the author of the novel The Broken Key and the short story collection Losing Camille, a Minnesota Book Award finalist. He is a contribitor to Minnesota History and a past winner of Minnesota Monthly's Tamarack Award for Short Fiction. Kilgore practices law in Duluth, Minnesota, and is a fellow with the American College of Real Estate Lawyers.