Print at Bookmobile, Sell on Artmobile!

  • Bookmobile is the premier independent book printer.
  • Artmobile is the independent marketplace for unique books.
  • Together they make beautiful publishing for independent book creators of all kinds!

Printing at Bookmobile

Bookmobile can print your book whether it is in color or black & white, a paperback or hardcover, a poetry book or a photo book. In fact, Bookmobile prints books of all kinds not only for independent creators, but for university presses, literary presses, museums — you name it. Plus Bookmobile offers a wide range of customizations to make your book unique: paperback french flaps, foil stamping, color inserts, custom endsheets and more. 

Selling on Artmobile

Artmobile enables you to sell your book easily on the website and optionally on Amazon, plus Artmobile can ship orders you take yourself and fulfill your crowdfunding rewards. For sales on and Amazon, Artmobile pays you monthly, net of sales and warehouse fees. 

See for Yourself

To see for yourself how the Bookmobile + Artmobile combination can work for you see our Print & Sell Calculator, or Contact Us.