How it Works

  1. Use the Print & Sell Calculator to see how much it will cost to print your book and how much profit you will make on sales.
  2. When you order your book printing, select Artmobile Package option. Tell us how many copies you want to put in our warehouse for Artmobile to sell and how many you want shipped elsewhere, if any.
  3. Once your print order is placed you will receive a link to a secure page where you set your selling price and enter information about your book: Title, author, reviews, description, etc. Here you may optionally choose to sell on Amazon through our account.
  4. When your book is printed we will transfer the Artmobile copies to our warehouse, and ship the remainder according to your instructions.
  5. We’ll use the title information you provide to create a selling page on and to put your book up for sale on Amazon through our Amazon Seller account if you selected that option.
  6. We’ll provide links to your book’s page on and that will enable you to make extra money through affiliate rewards when somebody buys your book.
  7. You can order books you have in our warehouse to be dropshipped to any destination at any time through our online form.
  8. Promote your book! Nobody will buy it if nobody knows about it.
  9. Every month we will will total up amounts we’ve received for selling your book and pay you that amount, minus our fees.
  10. Reprint quickly and easily online when you run out of copies!


Print & Sell Calculator

Artmobile Payments and Fees