Artmobile Payments and Fees

Artmobile Payments to Publisher (You)

Sales channel Artmobile pays website 67.5% of list price (through our Amazon Seller account) 60% of list price


Affiliate Payments to Publisher (You)

Affiliate sales channel Artmobile pays website 7.5% of list price (through our Amazon Seller account) Amazon’s current affiliate rates


Artmobile Warehouse Fees Charged to Publisher (You)

Fee Rate Notes
Title setup fee $0.00  
Administration fee $5.00 per title per month  
Drop ship order fees $2.75 1st copy
+$0.65 per add’l copy
Drop ship order fees, cartons $8.00 1st carton
+ $2.00 per add’l carton*
+ postage  
*Partial cartons in a full-carton order are charged $2.75 for first copy + $0.65 per add’l copy.


Up to 3 cartons: $0.00
1/4 pallet: $6.00 per month
1/2 pallet: $12.00 per month
3/4 pallet: $18.00 per month
Full pallets: $24.00 per month per pallet
Carton counts are automatically calculated based on books on hand at the end of the month and books per full carton.
Pallet counts are based on cartons per full pallet.