The Anatomy of the Soul

The Anatomy of the Soul

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    ISBN 9798988295075
    120 pages
    4 x 6 inches
    Publisher: Jarrod Wetzel-Brown
    Published: 9/22/23

The Anatomy of the Soul is a reflection on how human beings live out their days, both externally and internally. It is an amalgamation of the hurts and hopes that surround us during our limited years on this plane, and it also toys with, and desperately fears, whatever comes next. Jarrod Wetzel-Brown's first complete collection of poetry pays homage to everything he learned as a younger man and candidly showcases how much he has yet to understand. May your head and heart find sanctuary within this collection and its raw depictions of love, loss, and, most importantly, the humanity we cling to throughout our lives.

About the Author

Jarrod Wetzel-Brown continues to recognize and revere the profound value of words. He has previously worked as a classroom teacher, children's television host, and international academic coach for multiple non-profit organizations-- all roles that involved an appreciation for language and its ability to connect beings with one another. This is Jarrod's first published work, and he is currently composing his second poetry collection. Jarrod resides in Boston, MA and enjoys spending quality time with his beloved family and friends.