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    ISBN 9781954780088
    86 pages
    8.5 x 11 inches
    Publisher: Chris Rubino & Anthony Geernaert
    Published: 09/01/2021

4AM is a collaborative picture book by Anthony Geernaert and Chris Rubino documenting 15 years of late night urban exploration and image-making.

The images in this book, at the moment of their making, are invisible to the naked eye, ephemeral sketches that only come to life through the photograph.

Spanning many years and many places when put together they tell a story of time, place, and momentary release.

As a full collection, the images are a celebration of the unexplored world and its many hidden quiet corners.

About the Author

Chris Rubino is a New York based multidisciplinary artist. His concentrations spread across various mediums including large-scale murals, paintings, films, and graphic design. His work has won a multitude of commercial awards, been exhibited globally and lives in a number of permanent collections.

Anthony Geernaert is a British born Sydney based photographer. His considered visual approach to capturing people and places has taken him around the world.

Rubino and Geernaert have collaborated on a large number of projects, most recently the collection of late night urban exploration light drawing photographs collected in the book 4AM.