Complex of the Soul

Complex of the Soul

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    ISBN 9781954780415
    48 pages
    6.5 x 9 inches
    Publisher: Bárbara Gabrielle
    Published: 1.06.2024

Rio de Janeiro is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, Carnival, samba, and favelas, which have gained international recognition through films like "City of God." If you're Brazilian, live abroad, or have visited places outside Brazil, you're probably familiar with what I'm referring to. Carnival and football are usually among the few things foreigners recognize as positive aspects when discussing Brazilian culture, while favelas are frequently associated with violence. With this in mind, I've felt the need to collaborate in deconstructing the stereotypical concepts often seen from the outside, showing the "other side of the coin."

This book shows the story and perspective of Faiska and Fumassa, who were born and raised in the peripheral community known as the "Complexo da Alma," where they still reside. Their desire is to change misconceptions often associated with marginalized communities, and this book aims to advance them toward this goal.

About the Author

Barbara Gabrielle is a passionate Brazilian queer photographer who loves to tell stories through her lenses. With her unique style and attention to detail, she aims to capture authentic moments and evoke subtle emotions. Her photography spans fashion, lifestyle, and artistic portraits, gaining recognition through exhibitions in London, New York, and Miami's Art Basel. Her work has also been featured in international art magazines such as "Picton Magazine," "Pap Magazine," and "Purplehaze Magazine."

Inspired by the world around her, Barbara finds a way to connect and share her world through glimpses of everyday moments, striving for meaningful interactions. Through her photography, she seeks to convey sincere messages and provoke deep reflections in the viewer.