Being Seen

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    ISBN 9781954780064
    192 pages
    12 x 12 inches
    Publisher: Andrew Graham
    Published: 06/29/2021

Being Seen is a 12" x 12" softcover coffee table book Celebrating the Male Nude in Art. Award-winning photographer Andrew Graham has selected 195 images from the past two decades and they are presented here in this 192 page book. Whether they just give pleasure to the viewer, or are used as inspiration for other artists to explore their art, it is a lovely book for any art book collection.


About the Author

Born, raised, schooled, and loved in Connecticut for more than 60 years. Andrew Graham graduated from Fairfield University with an associates degree in graphic arts, and made it his career for almost 40 years.


At the age of six, Andrew's parents gave him his first camera; a square box film camera, and so it all began... He has had a camera of some sort ever since. In 2001 Andrew purchased his first digital SLR camera. This opened up a new world, allowing exploration on many more levels for his passion—the naked human form.


Largely self-taught, he relies on an art sense rather than photographic technical skill. For post editing and digital manipulations he uses a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator, and layers of textural images he can't pass by without photographing, making for complex, data-heavy files, and yet at the same time a wonderful challenge.


Andrew has made his home for the past 34 years in Redding, Connecticut with his spouse Edward of 4-plus decades, an amazing dog, and a flock of 10 hens.