Follow Your Arrow

Follow Your Arrow

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    ISBN 9781737765608
    300 pages
    6 x 9 inches
    Publisher: Judy Black LLC
    Published: 11/22/2022

Follow Your Arrow is a book about traveling the world, meeting new people, and seeing sights that pictures cannot accurately capture. It is about digging deep and finding that you can when you were sure you could not. It is so much more than a book about bow hunting. So much more.

Judy Black has been so blessed to travel on these adventures and as much as she loves to hunt, she loves to share her stories with others. If she can encourage one person to either hunt or travel to some place they have always wanted to go, she will consider her book a success. Life is short...Follow Your Arrow.

I love an adventure! With a journal in one hand and a bow in the other I have traveled both in and out of the U.S.A. Come with me as I take you from the forests and farm fields of Michigan to the mountains and bush of Canada. Travel with me to the brush country of Texas, the frozen ground of the Arctic, and climb with me into the belly of the whale as we sail to walk the soggy bogs in Newfoundland. Spend time with me in a ground blind in Africa and from high up in a tree in Saskatchewan and Alberta where we can enjoy the sights and sounds of the world waking up around us.

Come with me and I will show you how to Follow Your Arrow.