Divergent Paths: A Life Reexamined

Divergent Paths: A Life Reexamined

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    ISBN 9798986627526
    288 pages
    7 x 9 inches
    Publisher: Kingston Fletcher
    Published: 09/15/2022

Divergent Paths: A Life Reexamined is an autobiography written by Kingston Fletcher with Carol Pine. The book recounts the life of Kingston Fletcher, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. This soft-cover memoir describes Procter & Gamble's (P&G's) early expansion into international consumer-products leadership and quotes extensively more than 100 hours of interviews by Carol Pine from noteworthy persons about Fletcher's P&G leadership — on location in Mexico, Canada, England, Venezuela, Italy, Germany, and Japan. It also touches on remote leadership for Australia, Austria, Colombia, Finland, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Jamaica, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritius, Morocco, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates. "You've got all the rest," commented one colleague.

Notable post-retirement activities detailed by Fletcher include The Cincinnati Literary Club, Toastmasters International, a turnaround of the Cincinnati Opera, and competitive sailing on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, USA. Four reviews by prominent readers appear on the back cover. The autobiography includes 35 pen-and-ink illustrations; a 24-page, four-color section of photographs; an eight-page index; and two pages of grateful acknowledgments.

About the Author

Kingston Fletcher, raised in privilege in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, chose a path markedly different from his peers. He pursued sportscasting instead of a Wall Street career, cut his teeth in business selling cars for Studebaker in Mexico and Europe, and was drafted into the Army well past the age of his peers.

He was one among a handful of Ivy League graduates hired by Procter & Gamble (P&G) of Cincinnati, Ohio, after World War II to create and build the company's international business over 34 years. He lived in multiple countries, learned several languages and had the freedom of an entrepreneur.

Fletcher's personal and community life was equally diverse including saving an opera company from financial ruin, competing in public speaking contests and captaining a one-design racing sailboat until he was 89.

His life spans 1926 to 2022 (to date) as he begins his 97th year.


"With humor and bravado, Kingston Fletcher presents an insider's view of the heady postwar days when daring young American salesmen set out to conquer the world. An insightful self-portrait of a man whose intellectual curiosity and penchant for languages helped make Procter & Gamble a household name across the globe." - Susan Z. Ritz, award-winning author of “A Dream to Die For”

"'Divergent Paths' is highly readable. This book offers all of us an example of how to live a life with passion and curiosity." - Charles C. Wilder, owner of Books on Broadway and municipal court judge in Williston, North Dakota

"What will the King do next? In unexpected and varied ways, Kingston Fletcher recounts Procter & Gamble's expansion into international consumer-products leadership and rounds out the story with community service and retirement adventures. This candid, well-written book brings alive the ethics, loyalty, and discipline expected of P&G employees. It's an entertaining read from a highly-admired executive, not only for his many friends but also for anyone with an interest in corporate achievement during the era." - David Rosekrans, president of US Sailing and former Procter & Gamble executive

 "A captivating glimpse of post-World War II business and cultural life around the world." - Jack Spillane, retired president of National-Purity, LLC