We speak in unison every time we speak

We speak in unison every time we speak

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    ISBN 9781954780217
    84 pages
    5 x 8 inches
    Publisher: Consuelo Tupper

We speak in unison every time we speak is a creative nonfiction that explores the role of synchronicity in today's social and cultural landscape. Analytical, sarcastic, humorous and slightly uncomfortable, this essay invites the reader on a journey through some of our deepest desires and fears when it comes to thinking of us as individuals and of humanity as a collective force.

Both a challenge and a celebration, the book gently takes you out of your comfort zone and offers you an open path to reconsider where we are in the world in relation to others.

It is, above all, an exciting exercise for our imagination and a little window to a world of endless possibilities.

About the Author

Consuelo Tupper (Chile, 1992) is an interdisciplinary artist and writer whose work revolves around the limits of collective understanding and the role of language as a cultural agent. Through text-based pieces such as books, manuals, maps, diagrams, and dictionaries, she explores the biases of what is considered knowledge, as well as knowledge's emotional components and the many challenges faced throughout its cultural transmission.

Master in Latin American Art and Culture, Fulbright Scholar, and current Programming & Marketing Associate at La Peña Cultural Center (Berkeley, CA). She has worked as research assistant in universities and has taught art and film theory in schools and nonprofit organizations since 2015. Exhibitions of her work has taken place at Museo de Artes Visuales, Chile; Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Chile; Jiwar Creació i Societat, Barcelona; Can Serrat, Spain; AADK Centro Negra, Spain; and the Oliver Art Center, Oakland CA.

She has published academic articles and creative nonfiction in both printed and digital formats through organizations such as Slash Art and the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (San Francisco, CA). This book, "We speak in unison every time we speak," is the revised version of her Fine Arts Master Thesis at California College of the Arts (CCA).