Kickstart Your Book

Kickstart Your Book

A Guide to Estimating, Designing, Printing and Shipping Your Crowdfunded Publishing Project

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    Paperback /
    ISBN 9781949793987
    150 pages
    8 x 10 inches
    Publisher: Tasora
    Published: 05/11/2020

If you're an indie publisher, artist, or organization interested in publishing a book, crowdfunding is the way to go. Kickstart Your Book provides all the information you need to design, print, fund and execute your crowdfunded publishing project. 

Designed for crowdfunding creators who are producing books via the crowdfunding model, whether they be art books, photography books, comic books, novels, poetry, nonfiction or eBooks, Kickstart Your Book covers topics relevant to any book publisher—design, printing, distribution—as well as crowdfunding-specific topics such as creating a project budget and how to fulfill your backer rewards.

Rid yourself of the risk, expense and obstacles of traditional publishing models and enjoy the freedom of crowdfunded publishing and making your creation real!


About the Author

        Don Leeper is founder of BookMobile, a provider of digital publishing services to independent publishers, university presses, literary publishers, associations and small to medium-sized trade publishers. Long involved in book design and production management, in 1996 Leeper started BookMobile's digital book printing service, providing SRDP, POD and galley printing. During the first ebook era in 2000, Leeper founded Pagewing, a venture-funded company whose mission was to help publishers bridge the gap between print and ebook workflows (RIP 2002). In 2005 he started Itasca Books, a book distribution and fulfillment service. In 2008 he restarted BookMobile's ebook services, which converts ebooks and distributes them to resellers. Leeper has spoken to many publishing, museum, author, literary and digital printing groups on the subject of the technological transformation of publishing.