Look What The Cat Colored In

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    ISBN 9780578335599
    116 pages
    11 x 8.5 inches
    Publisher: Bradi Jones
    Published: 2/3/23

Whether you were alive & rockin' in the 80's and early 90's, or still just a twinkle in your mom's eyes, you'll be taken on a nostalgic ride, as you solve and color your way through these pages.

Back to a time when the guys in bands, wore more makeup, higher heels, and screamed in higher keys than the girls!

Back when "hair" ruled the radio waves and leather and lace ruled the streets.

Back to the era, known to most, as the "Decade of Decadence"...

This 120 page book is filled with around 40 Rock-N-Roll themed puzzles and 50 illustrations of musicians from the time. Along with 10+ "Design Your Own" idea pages, that include "Design Your Own: BAND VAN, FLYER, ALBUM COVER" and more, so you too can feel like you're back in the band you always wanted to be in, or the one you got kicked out of!

All manually created by the author, Bradi Jones.

So grab a beer, your favorite colored pencils, a #2, and put on your favorite "hair" band album, turn it up!, and get ready to be taken on a hell of a ride!

About the Author

Bradi Jones, a self-proclaimed "Metalhead" and lover of all things 80's, has played many roles throughout her lifetime such as freelance designer, art director, marketing consultant, chalkboard illustration, customer service and restaurant start-up consultant, bartender and general manager. She's lead singer in a band, a baker, sculptor, crafter, garden/landscape designer, experienced DIY'er and has a great eye for vintage collectibles.

Now, she proudly adds the role of author to her long list! Her newly released "opus" entitled Look What The Cat Colored In... The Ultimate 80's Hair Metal Adult Coloring/Activity Book, shows off her talent of illustration, as well as her new skill of puzzle creation.

Her newly released book is available on Amazon and Artmobile.


"a mind-boggling display of addictive and clever games/activities set to the '80s hair metal theme" - Jeff Gilbert

"...this is just the chorus before the guitar solo; there are well over 100 pages of totally fun, engaging and challenging activities to re-ignite your inner rockness" - Jeff Gilbert

"a magnum opus of all that is rock horns and hairspray" - Jeff Gilbert