Euphoria and Friends Coloring Book

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    ISBN 9780984050567
    106 pages
    9.75 x 12 inches
    Publisher: Laura Corben
    Published: 01/03/2022

A collection of drawings made for coloring in a psychedelic and surrealistic style done by nine contributing artists from California to Washington. Includes iconic historic drawings by Paul Foster, Merry Prankster and artist for the first Grateful Dead performances and Ken Kesey's Acid Tests. From the 60's to the 2020's, detailed black and white images as well as background history and interpretations of cultural symbols to give an in depth experience of the flowering of counter cultural art.

About the Author

This book is a collection of psychedelic style drawings (which can of course be colored in any manner). Works by nine artists are included in this volume, as well as articles about symbolism, interpretations of meanings, and history. The "psychedelic father" of this gathering is the late Paul Foster, an original poster artist (Can You Pass the Acid Test?) and Prankster from the early days of the San Francisco transition from the Beat Generation to the Hip. Reproductions of some iconic historic artworks are included, as well as exciting new art of the present times fill this volume with unique detailed artworks. Current artists include Euphoria, Laura Foster, Thomas Wang, Ryan Loiselle, Sherya Bollock, Serene Garretts, Ali Abedi. This is a book well worth adding to any hipster library.