Small Wonders

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    ISBN 9781685646950
    84 pages
    11 x 8.5 inches
    Publisher: Cedar Spring Press
    Published: 07/23/2022

That which most artists see as "truth" usually doesn't have much to do with what most people perceive as "reality," which is as it should be. But sometimes those two sets somehow manage to intersect, and when they do, magical things can happen. Tim Prythero's incredibly realistic miniature constructions are magical truths.

Tim's many followers and collectors exist in a constant state of excited anticipation of his next masterpiece, a new favorite to drool over. Each piece is a world unto itself that grabs oglers by the eyeballs and tugs them into a biosphere that is enchantingly familiar yet eccentric and otherworldly. There is no escaping the pull…I must have a closer look. Oh, the details! This is real! I want to be there!

Tim's work is satisfying in a manner that transcends verbiage. One just gasps.

Photographs really can't convey the gut reaction to actually being in the presence of one of Tim's sculptures, let alone a whole bunch of them. But how else are you going to put dozens of them in one easy-to-tote unit? So look through these pages, linger where you will, and enjoy the experience. Make the effort to go see one or two in person. Then go back and look through this book again - and again.


About the Author

Tim Prythero creates miniature diorama-sized structures of gritty scenes from Northern New Mexico and beyond. These one-of-a-kind sculptures and editions record a moment in time in very particular places. Locations that Prythero depict include gas stations, roadside cafes, old tenement buildings, trailer homes and even a school bus converted into a dwelling. Prythero's work has been collected by The Crocker Art Museum, the Sandy Besser Collection, the Albuquerque Museum, the New Mexico Museum of Art, Chase Manhattan Bank, the Roswell Museum, the Albuquerque Sunport and numerous private collections.

Forward by William Peterson, former Editor of Artspace Magazine and Introduction by Robert Christenson, photographer/writer.